E & V Restaurant

320 Chamberlain Ave
Paterson, N.J.

(973) 942-4664 / 8080

Wine List

Wine Special!
Tavernello (white or red) - $12 bottle
FoxMoor (white or red) - $10 bottle

House Wines
Imported House Wines
Champagnes & Sparkling Wines
White Wines
Blush & Semi-Dry Wines
Red Wines
Reserve & Specialty Wines
Cordials by the Glass

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House Wines

White Zinfandel, CK Mondavi
Bin No. 330: 
Bin No. 368:  Half Carafe.....9.50
Bin No. 369:  Full Carafe.....17.00

Imported House Wines

Pinot Grigio, Alverdi
Bin No. 333Glass.....5.25
Bin No. 332: 
Half Carafe.....10.50
Bin No. 331: 
Full Carafe.....18.50

Cabernet Sauvignon, Foxbrook
Bin No. 363:  Glass.....5.25
Bin No. 364: 
Half Carafe.....10.50
Bin No. 365: 
Full Carafe.....18.50

Chianti, Campobello
Bin No. 373:  Glass.....6.00
Bin No. 366:  Half Carafe.....12.00
Bin No. 301: 
Litre Carafe.....19.50

Merlot & Chardonnay, Casarsa
Bin No. 344:  Glass.....5.25
Bin No. 345: 
Half Carafe.....10.50
Bin No. 346: 
Litre Carafe.....18.50

E&V Homemade Sangria.... 15.00 Pitcher


Champagnes & Sparkling Wines

310 - Extra Dry, Korbel.....20.00

312 - Asti Spumante, Villa Rosa.....20.00


 White Wines

- Domestic -

322 - Chardonnay, Robert Mondavi Private Selection.....21.00
This wine has a lovely bouquet, great fruit, excellent acid balance and a lovely pale gold color. Enjoy with Capellini Al Verde.

304 - Moscato, Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi.....22.00
Light and sweet white wine that is a "must" with any fra diavolo dish or dessert.

- Italy -

305 - Pinot Grigio, Santa Margherita .....39.00
A superior, white dry wine which boasts a fresh and fruity flavor. This light wine is produced from superior grapes. Enjoy with Veal Piccata.

306 - Pinot Grigio, Alverdi.....16.00
This dry white refreshing wine with a distinctive aroma and rich flavor is considered best with fish and light meats. Enjoy with Calamari or Scungilli Marinara.


Blush & Semi-Dry Wines

324 - White Zinfandel, Beringer.....15.00
This wine is an ideal complement to chicken, seafood, salads and pasta.


Red Wines

- Domestic -

309 - Pinot Noir, Robert Mondavi Private Selection.....21.00
A truly fine wine well known for its velvety smoothness, exquisite bouquet and great elegance.  Enjoy with Broiled Salmon.

307 - Pinot Noir, Mark West.....22.00
Light body and delicate wine. Try with grilled or broiled seafood or pork chop.

314 - Cabernet Sauvignon, Robert Mondavi Private Selection.....21.00
A dry table wine produced from varietal grapes. Medium red in color, acidity, and the aroma is distinctive. Enjoy with Steak or Chops.

328 - Cabernet Sauvignon, Stone Cellars by Beringer.....13.00
A brilliant ruby color and dry flavor, which is vigorous and warm at the same time.  Enjoy with Veal Rollatine.

213 - Merlot, Columbia Crest "2 Vines".....15.00
A wine full of flavor, and a unique berry like aroma.  Enjoy with Linguine.

381 - Merlot, Blackstone.....21.00
A truly fine wine well known for its velvety smoothness, exquisite bouquet and great elegance.  Enjoy with Spaghetti Puttanesca or E&V Chef Special.

- Italy -

308 - Neprica, Tormaresca, by Antinori.....21.00
A blend of Negroamaro, Primitivo and Cabernet Sauvignon from Southern Italy.  Vibrant ruby in color with a dark fruit nose and a palate of fruit with balanced tannins.

318 - Sangiovese, Luciano.....18.00
An admirable red wine, light and fresh, velvety and fragrant.  Enjoy with Tortellini with Tomato Sauce.

319 - Chianti, Riserva, Campobello.....17.00
Garnet-red in color, soft and fruity with an intense yet delicate bouquet. Its fullness of flavor is a result of aging in oak casks prior to bottling. Enjoy with Beef Braciola over Pasta.

320 - Chianti, Ruffino.....20.00
A fine red wine, medium-bodied with a full fruity flavor and appealing bouquet. Enjoy with Pork Chops Giambotta.

375 - Primitivo, Conti Zecca.....17.00
A fine quality, well-balanced wine that is rich in color and flavor. Exceptional value. Enjoy with Spaghetti Puttanesca.

376 - Aglianico, Monte Faliesi.....20.00
A deep, glistening ruby red; dry, full, harmonious taste with a lingering finish.   Enjoy with Veal Saltimbocca.


Reserve & Specialty Wines

313 - Merlot, Robert Mondavi, Napa....40.00

303 - Chianti Classico Riserva, Villa Antinori, Tuscany.....40.00

321 - Barolo, Villa Rosa, D.O.C.G. Piemonte.....45.00

370 - Amarone, Cesari, Veneto.....66.00

367 - Cabernet Sauvignon, Robert Mondavi, Napa.....40.00

311 - Vino Nobile, La Braccesca by Antinori.....40.00


Cordials by the Glass

337 - Stock 84 Brandy.....5.75

338 - Kahula.....5.75

339 - Marie Brizard Anisette.....5.75

340 - Sambuca Romana.....5.75

341 - Grand Marnier.....6.00

342 - Hennessy V.S.....6.50

336 - Limone Meletti.....5.75

343 - Di Sarrono.....5.75

362 - Black Sambuca.....5.75

377 - Grappa Piave.....6.50

379 - Nocello.....5.75

360 - Frangelico.....5.75

348 - Licor 43.....5.75



350 - Heineken.....4.50

351 - Amstel Light.....4.50

355 - Corona.....4.50

352 - Coors.....4.25

353 - Coors Light.....4.25

354 - Michelob.....4.25

357 - Bud.....4.25

358 - Bud Light.....4.25

361 - Peroni.....4.50

383 - O'Doul's (Alcohol Free).....4.25

327 - Samuel Adams.....4.25